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Adidas – Adidas All In
Sports Retail
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and The Philippines
Stagnant Sales, High Staff Turnover, Low and unpredictable service standards
Mystery shopping, Customer Satisfaction surveys, Employee Engagement surveys, Audits, Focus visits, Coaching, Master Class Training, Ambassador Communication program, Financial data analysis, Focus groups, Incentives, Online platform.
Double digit sales increase

Adidas is one of the top sports retailers in the world with a global presence and outlets in every continent. During the recession of 2008, AQ partnered up with Adidas South East Asia to increase their retail sales by improving their customer service experience. Direct objective was to positively impact Net Sales, while on the longer term it needed to increase customer- and employee loyalty by stabilizing front line performance standards.

In a time with limited budgets, we worked out a no cure no pay model that would be a win win situation for both parties if the program demonstrated success. The pilot was indeed a success and we continue to manage the program.

The core concept of Rhythm in Action is about instilling a continuous pulse of performance improvement, leading to exceptional and memorable customer experiences. We started with measuring and assessing each outlet, using customer and employee satisfaction surveys to help us identify areas for improvement. It gave us the insight, by store, needed to be able to take action by store. Next up was coaching the stores by engaging them to dream up creative ideas to improve service performance. They create their own action plans. And as these ideas had to be actionable and measurable, they often took on the form of tasks. For example, one of the things the frontline staff is coached on was to just be relaxed and true to themselves in order to engage successfully with customers.

The use of ice-breakers, such as: “Nice shirt you`re wearing. Where did you buy it?” or “Did you know the shoes you`re looking at were worn by Ronaldo during the World Cup!? – instead of the usual ‘Hello, can I help you?” – proved to be tremendously effective to start conversations. It also started to make adidas ambassadors truly enjoy interacting with their customers.

In addition, the program was labelled “The Ambassadors Club”, which features an online portal for all frontline staff to keep track of their tasks, master classes and e-learning as well as to view videos and pictures. We also ensure that service performance improvements are continuously happening through our incentive programs. Each outlet competes with one another on regular set tasks and mystery visits.

Through the online portal, they can view the scores and rankings of all the outlet teams. Every quarter, a winner is picked and the whole team is rewarded with for example a fun night out together. To motivate individual team members, regular rewards like vouchers and surprise treats with an emotional value are also given for great service performance, often on the spot after an assessment has taken place.

The seamless rhythm of improvement created by our different tools, which as the word Rhythm suggests are continuously executed at store level, result in a conducive environment for behavioural change leading to growth in Net Sales. Basically, customers are happier – and so is the frontline – and this shows clearly in the double-digit sales figures and increase in conversion rates and average transaction value.

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